One Last Time

One last time, my final blogpost for this course.

It has been a nice couple of weeks, trying different things, using different tools. However, a fool with a tool is still a fool and in this blogpost I will give my opinion about the course and things involved/discussed.

After all these weeks I must say I don’t feel much wiser on how to use technology in class, but I have discovered some helpful tools I’d like to use or have used during my internship. For instance my Complete and utter failure or The day Technology let me down have given me a good insight in how to use certain tools (or how not to use them…) 

However, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blogpost (iX-ray) I feel that I already was quite  capable of using technology and all tools, websites and social media platforms that come with it. It isn’t as if I have never used technology in my life, we have learned so much already because we use technology each and every day.

I don’t think this course is of a great value if I’m being honest. Or wait.. let me put it in other words. I think this shouldn’t be a seperate course, but it should be integrated into the courses that are already there. I believe learning about different platforms and online tools is important, but it could be added to existing courses (i.e. Teaching English As a Foreign Language or Onderwijskunde).

Some other feedback points regarding TELL are about the different tools that were used in class. Instead of using simple PowerPoints or Prezi’s, which is the point of this course to explore different things, there were different tools used each lesson. I think this made it all a bit unclear to me. I didn’t see much coherence in the lessons and it made the course seem a bit messy. Maybe this was just my point of view, but that’s how I see it.

Technology is something most of us have grown up with, in my age category that is. Using technology, whatsapp, facebook, twittter, instagram, tumblr it all seems so common these days.
I feel that if I want to use something new, I’ll use my favorite search engine and I’ll find what I’m looking for. Everything is about just giving it a go and seeing if it works for you or not. This course was a nice starting point, but I think it could be more effective when it is linked to differen courses.

The relevance is there when considering the theory discussed is something to keep in mind when looking for new ways to integrate technology in your lessons. Such as T-PACK or SAMR or even Gamification, it gives you a perspective on what is important when considering using a certain kind of tool.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor when the time is right

Now, after these 8 great weeks I’d like to say goodbye and perhaps I’ll return to the blogospehere one day when the time is right.






So, in an overall perspective, I’d say I’m still a fool, eventhough I know how to use my tools. 

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